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Young TR Enters the Arena

51 3rd St. E
Dickinson, ND 58601

Lat:46.8818  Lon:-102.784

The bronze sculpture, “Young TR Enters the Arena,” was commissioned by the Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University, to commemorate Roosevelt’s first great national speech, delivered at this site in July of 1886. In 1883, Theodore Roosevelt invested in the Maltese Cross Ranch, south of the village of Medora, ND. The following year, he returned to the Badlands and established a second ranch, the Elkhorn, 35 miles north of Medora. Roosevelt spent part of each year in North Dakota between 1883 and 1887, the year of the great blizzards and cattle die-off, after which he took curtailed much of his ranch activity and redefined the Elkhorn Ranch as his hunting headquarters. The Dakota Territory frontier appealed to Roosevelt for its beauty, its melancholy starkness, and its status as one of the last true frontier regions in the United States. He saw his time here as a total immersion in the frontier regions in the United States. The Theodore Roosevelt Center houses a digital presidential library of personal letters, diary entries, cartoons, newspaper columns, photographs and magazine articles by and about Theodore Roosevelt. Visitors will be able to view films in which Theodore Roosevelt makes an appearance and listen to audio recordings that feature his famous falsetto voice.

Visit the Theodore Roosevelt Center online at www.theodorerooseveltcenter.org or on the campus of Dickinson State University at 291 Campus Drive.