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Travel the Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway for many exciting things to see and do.  Load up the family or take a trip on your own to explore the "Other Freeway!"

The Enchanted Highway

The Enchanted Highway is off Interstate 94 (Exit 72). It then extends for 32 miles south to the town of Regent.
Lat:46.8786  Lon:-102.566

The Enchanted Highway features the World's Largest Metal Sculptures produced by artist Gary Greff. 

Gary is a native of Regent, North Dakota.  He was a teacher and a school principal and had never done any art work or welding prior to 1989.  He then began dreaming of ways to bring people and businesses to the small community of Regent -- fearing the town would someday die if it relied solely on farming.  A hay bale strongman built by a farmer inspired him.  He watched people pull off the road to snap photos of the oddity.  He wondered how many people would stop for huge metal sculptures.  He began designing, welding, and painting.  The Tin Family was erected in 1991; Teddy Rides Again in 1993; Pheasants on the Prairie in 1996; Grasshoppers in the Field in 1999; Geese in Flight in 2001; and Deer Crossing in 2002.  He was working on Fisherman's Dream from 2003 to 2006, and it is now erected.

The Enchanted Highway is off Interstate 94 (Exit 72) approximately 20 miles east of Dickinson, North Dakota.  It then extends for 32 miles south to the town of Regent.  The seven sculptures are spread out along the 32 miles of The Enchanted Highway.