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Sacred Heart Monastery

8969 Highway 10
Richardton, ND 58652-0364
Phone: 701-974-2121

Lat:46.8939  Lon:-102.345

As the number of Sisters increased, the community branched out into health care ministry by opening St. Luke's Hospital in Crosby and St. Vincent's Home for the Aged in Bismarck. Once again, the Sisters decided to transfer their motherhouse to a more advantageous locality, this time to the perimeter of the city of Minot in 1942, where they were also able to operate a small farm. They soon built a combination convent and boarding school for girls which prospered from 1949 to 1965. The Sisters also responded to the current invitation of the Church to send missionaries to South America by opening a school for girls in Bogota, Colombia (1962-75).

Always ready for new ventures, the Sisters once again focused their sight on a new location for the growing community. In 1967, they relocated near Assumption Abbey in Richardton, where they were offered opportunities for spiritual formation, sacramental services, and daily Eucharist from the monks of the Abbey.

The scope of ministries for the Sisters also expanded from education and health care to greater involvement in various areas of spirituality, parish ministry, and chaplaincies. Always alert to the needs of their time and place, the Sisters focused on housing for the elderly by founding Marillac Manor in Bismarck with 78 apartments and Subiaco Manor in Dickinson with 10 apartments.

The new monastery near Richardton, located on a quiet, contemplative site on the prairie, has incorporated an ecumenical retreat center, where individuals and groups are welcomed the year round. The Sisters have an active prayer ministry responding to requests for prayers that come by letter, phone, e-mail, and internet.
Capitalizing on their rural location, the Sisters procured their first llamas in 1994, and have continued raising and selling them through the years. The wonderful llama fiber has prompted a small cottage industry in wool works. Pioneers in wind energy in North Dakota, the Sisters installed two wind turbines in 1997 to supply energy for the monastery.

What is the next move for this community? If the future reflects the past, the community will continue to journey in faith, respond to the needs of the locality, and move on to new ventures wherever God may lead them.