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Richardton History

Lat:46.8839  Lon:-102.316

A community of over 800 people, Richardton is home to the Assumption Abbey and the Old Red Trail Ethanol Plant.

The railroad established a station named Spring Valley in 1881.  In 1882 the C.P. Richards Co. of New York decided to buy the land and plat a town on the site.  The C.P. Richards Co. was a passenger agent for the Hamburg-American Steamship Lines, hoping to settle the town with immigrants from Germany.  The NP Railway and C.P. Richards Co. platted the town in 1883 and renamed it Richardton.  The concept of bringing in twelve pre-fabricated homes, two stores, a church, schoolhouse and a hotel, all pre-cut and ready to erect attracted immigrants.  The C.P. Co. idea was to settle them immediately as they arrived off of the NP Railway.  The buildings were painted green with red roofs, a fact reference often in correspondence of early residents and visitors.

Young Man’s Butte, located just to the east of Richardton, received its name from an Indian legend.  Rain-in-the-Face, a Sioux warrior, told the story: “The Sioux fought and killed 106 Crow Indians who were hunting here.  One of the Crow hunters escaped with his pony to the top of this butte.  Here he taunted the Sioux Indians by dancing and singing his death song, calling out that no Sioux would ever kill him.  As the Sioux warriors advance to the summit of the hill, the Crow stabbed his pony and them himself.  To the Sioux, this act showed supreme courage.  They buried him on this butte with honors and named the place, “Young Man’s Butte.”