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Northern Pacific Railroad

Main Street
Taylor, ND

Lat:46.9006  Lon:-102.425

Charted in 1864, the Northern Pacific Railway advanced their western empire from the Great Lakes to Puget Sound through present day North Dakota in the 1870s. In 1879, the railway forged west of the Missouri River and the establishment of the “railroad towns” ensued along the 108 miles between Mandan and Dickinson. Early settlers were immigrants from Europe where, in 1872, Northern Pacific set up recruiting offices for colonizing the western frontier in America. The railway required towns on their line to provide water for the trains and housing for their workers. In the spirit of creating communities along the line, executives in the east were known to name towns after their family members or themselves, but they also looked to the settlers’ spiritual needs by creating alternating Protestant and Catholic faith-based prairie communities. The railway company produced brochures and posters advertising the potential to get rich farming the prairie. One example depicted a glorious scene with mountains, trees and streams in a verdant field where gold coins fly out of the ground as a plump horse and a handsome, young farmer enjoy their work. An example of a bygone Northern Pacific station house, relocated from Richardton ND, can be viewed in Taylor, ND, housing the Art Depot.