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Hebron History

Lat:46.9006  Lon:-102.045

We are located in the center of Southwestern North Dakota.  North Dakota is in an economic boom.  The Nation's Number One producer of Flax, Canola, Dry Peas, Certain Wheat, All Dry Beans, Sunflowers, Barley, and Honey.  And, in a few years; Light Sweet Crude Oil.  Hebron is in the middle of all that.

Hebron's history goes back more than 125 years.  We have a modern brick factory that has been producing top quality brick since 1904.  Most of the Hard Working farmer and rancher Families have been here for more then 100 years.  Yet, we have an easy going atmosphere.  It's not uncommon for two vehicles to stop in the middle of the street to talk a spell.  And, everyone waves to one another.  Everyone. 

We have a hard working Post Office, a movie theater with a modern projection system, two restaurants, a Credit Union, a Bank, two gas stations, three auto repair places, and a RS Jack and Jill Market that will deliver groceries to you every Friday during Winter.

We have a swimming pool, an outstanding Library, a K-12 School with a winning reputation, a campground/motel, City Parks with lighted areas, a nice Museum, and a very good Weekly News (The Hebron Herald).

All this in a rural setting just two miles off I-94, exit 97.  Hebron is surrounded by Parks (some National), populated by mostly older homes, connected by fiber optic cable and DSL.  It's just 30 minutes to Walmart and electricity costs six to seven cents a kilowatt.  Come See and find out.