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Gladstone History

The city of Gladstone was founded in the spring of 1882.  First called Green River, later changed to Gladstone, the name was chosen in honor of the residents that lived in an immigrant house built by the Northern Pacific Railroad.  Since the first residents bore English names, Gladstone, the name was chosen for the new settlement.

Gladstone was first in several progressive areas.  In 1884, “The Rustler” became the first newspaper in Stark County.  The first roller mill of the Missouri River was built near Gladstone in 1885, and the community of Gladstone has the first post office west of the Missouri River.

The famous H.T. Horse Company built a large feed barn on the southeast corner of the city of Gladstone.  “A.C.” Huidekoper started what would become the biggest horse ranch in North Dakota.  A.C. founded the famous HT ranch in Slope County, specializing in Percherons. At one time, he had 12,000 horses running on hundreds of miles of open range.

Gladstone was an active and prosperous town, at one time there was two banks.  As was common in many of the new communities on the prairie, fire destroyed much of the businesses during the 1930’s.