Old Red Old Ten North Dakota Scenic Byway | Things to do

Travel the Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway for many exciting things to see and do.  Load up the family or take a trip on your own to explore the "Other Freeway!"

First Roller Mill

Robert Lee built the first Roller Mill west of the Missouri River in 1885 in Gladstone. The main building was constructed right on the cliff overlooking the Heart River, just west of the present City Hall on Cliff Street.  An elevator was later constructed adjacent to the wing. The facility operated as a full-fledged mill until it was destroyed by fire on the night of January 12, 1910. The fire destroyed just the mill on the cliff bank and did not damage the elevator or the flour warehouse across the road. Although the Lees made a decision not to rebuild, the facility ended up being rebuilt in the 1910s and was operated by the Gladstone Milling Company, until it was sold to the Farmers Cooperative in 1930. The mill burned down a second time on March 31, 1936, and at that time the elevator was also destroyed.