Old Red Old Ten North Dakota Scenic Byway | Things to do

Travel the Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway for many exciting things to see and do.  Load up the family or take a trip on your own to explore the "Other Freeway!"

Almont / Sims Talking Trail

Almont and Sims ND
Lat:46.7722  Lon:-101.498

Look for signs bearing the Old Red Old Ten logo along the Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway to visit these Almont/Sims points of interest. 

Call 701-566-5566, and enter any of the following extensions to learn more about these Almont/Sims sites:


City of Almont - Ext. 301

Lover's Cliff - Ext. 302

Almont Heritage Park and Museum - Ext. 303

Sims - Ext. 304

Sims Church - Ext. 305