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Join us for the news along the Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway!  There's new News and there's historic News. 

Mission of the Old Red Trail


The mission of the OLD RED TRAIL COMMITTEE is for recreational, historical, and economic revitalization in the communities along highway 10 from Mandan to Dickinson, North Dakota, by creating awareness of the OLD RED TRAIL as an alternative to interstate travel in western North Dakota.

I would encourage the communities to be aware of the number of people that will be coming to our towns on June 2 for the rummage sale and throughout the summer.  Let’s be good hosts and welcome them. 

This is the 10th Anniversary of the OLD RED TRAIL SCENIC BYWAY.  It was established as a state byway in 2008 with the application and work done by several committee members in the route communities.  More information will be in articles throughout the summer.

During the past 10 years, the state byways have been partially funded by the State Byway Commission.  This past year, because of budget cuts, the State Byway Commission was eliminated; therefore, there is no funding from the state.  We are now totally dependent on donations and grants.   We wish to thank the communities along the route for your donations:  including the clubs, organizations, and companies within the towns.

Remember the Rummage Sale and get those treasures ready !!!!!!

Until next time, Be Well, Do Good Works, and see you on the OLD RED TRAIL.


Delores Klusman, Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway Committee