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The Old Red Trail Rummage Sale is HERE


Can you believe it?????     The 7th Annual OLD RED TRAIL Rummage sale is only a few days away.  I do hope that all of you are reserving that day to go out and about and pick up those special items that you have been searching for.  Richardton and Taylor have about 20 sales, Hebron has 6+, Glen Ullin has close to 20, and New Salem has 40. Almont has several and they will all be on Main Street.   Dickinson has about 6 and Mandan has quite a few and spread throughout the town.   It should be a great day in the towns on the trail.  The listings and maps will be on Facebook and also the towns will have paper maps and listings.

Within the last couple years we have two new grocery stores in towns on the OLD RED TRAIL.  Springfield Market is located in Richardton and Tellmann’s Market is located in New Salem.  These small town grocery stores have big town personality and with other stores in these towns it gives folks in the anchor cities of Mandan and Dickinson a chance to shop in our towns. 

I drive the OLD RED TRAIL quite often.  This past week as I was a couple miles west of Mandan I noticed big garbage bags all along the road.  They were full of the trash that once was in the ditches.  I don’t know who picked up the trash, but I want to say a huge THANK YOU.  What a difference it makes not to have bottles, cans, glass, cardboard, plastic, pails, etc. etc. along our roadways.  I am very passionate about picking up trash and I hope many of you will be also.  This rummage sale weekend we will probably see a thousand people coming through our towns.  Let’s show them a clean and tidy town.

It’s Memorial Weekend and let’s not forget the reason why Memorial Day is a holiday.  A day in recognition to those who fight for our freedom and serve our country, though we know those who protect and serve our country deserve more than a day, we want to take time out and say thank you for all that you do.  It’s about putting your life on the line so that our children and grandchildren may be safe and wake up to see a bright future. …………. All gave some…..Some gave all,. .Remember them this Memorial Day.

Take your calendar and mark JUNE 2 - - - Super Saturday.  Plan to drive the Byway and stop along the way for rummage.  It will be a big day for all the towns.   

Until next time, Be Well, Do Good Works, and see you on the OLD RED TRAIL.


Delores Klusman, Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway Committee