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Scenic Saturday


Scenic Saturday – the 7th Annual Old Red Trail Rummage Sale was a good day.  In spite of the rainy mist in the morning and the gale force winds all day, many people were out and about on this day.  Hundreds of people were on the Trail from  Glendive, Montana: Gillette, Wyoming: Alberta, Canada: Hot Springs, South Dakota: Williston: Watford City: Spokane:   And many, many towns in North Dakota.  I do believe that the OLD RED TRAIL Rummage Sale has developed a name for itself.  Several people commented that they make this a special trip each year now.  Some come with trucks and trailers and are prepared to load up their treasured items.

I want to say “Thank You” to all the people who had rummage sales in all the towns and to all the people who came out on this blustery day to seek a great find.  It is greatly appreciated.  The sale in 2019 - - - -first Saturday in June - - - June 1, 2019.

We’ve had some nice rains in the area and everything looks very green.  I do hope that along the trail you have not had hail and other storms.  Those weather related items are always a worry in the summer.  I have a lot of pots of flowers this year and I keep moving them in and out just in case the weather is severe. 

A month ago I flew to Southern California for a family wedding.  It was a lovely time and so fun to get together with cousins and their children.  One cousin has a sail boat, so we spent an afternoon out in the ocean - - - - an awesome experience and I love the ocean.  As much as I enjoy the city and all that it has to offer, the traffic and the crowds of people do make me want to come back to North Dakota and to the Scenic Byways.

Until next time, Be Well, Do Good Works, and see you on the OLD RED TRAIL.


Delores Klusman, Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway Committee