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End of August


Well, here we are at the end of August, 2017.  Lots of new things in the past couple weeks.  Schools have started in all the towns, football season has started, volleyball season has started, baseball season is coming to a close, and believe it or not, some leaves on the trees are beginning to turn from green to a golden yellow.  I just love leaves of all kinds and colors.  I have three frames in my house of various  leaves and from special spots in my travels.   Many years ago I heard Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D., a noted lecturer and speaker, be the keynote speaker at a conference.   He has written about eleven books and one of them is “The Fall of Freddie the Leaf”.  What a great story for young and old and only about 20 pages long.  A story about how every leaf is different in shape and color and how they change from season to season.  Leaves are like people and we are all different.  And how one leaf makes a tree strong and bold - - - - -just like people.  Freddie realizes that he had been a part of this tree and it made him proud.    In another book he writes about piles of leaves in the yard and how fun it is to rump and roll in the leaves.    Fall is so special and we need to relish in this upcoming season and celebrate it.

Now that I’ve written about one of my favorite things, Leaves, it’s time to move on.  Bicyclists are still riding the OLD RED TRAIL.  I see them often at Tellmann’s Market and Robin Reynolds from Hebron and Sister Phoebe from the Monastery see them as well.  These are long mile riders - - - not just a 50 miler.  They ride from the West Coast or Montana to the East Coast.  It is encouraging to see folks seeing nature from a different perspective.

Robin Reynolds is a master potter and has her shop “Dacotah Clayworks” in Hebron.  She, also, teaches clayworks and pottery at Dickinson State University.  She is a real artist.  Did you know that when you are baking a pie,  the best dish to use is a pottery pie plate?  So when you are traveling the OLD RED TRAIL, stop in at Dacotah Clayworks and get that special pie plate and make a blue ribbon pie.

Two weeks  ago we had the Klusmann Cousin Reunion.  Oh what fun with people coming from California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, South Dakota, Chicago and greater Chicago area, and various parts of North Dakota.  Some of them had never been to North Dakota and let alone to the Klusmann Homestead farm.  We spent three plus days visiting, sharing stories, playing games, eating lots of good food, touring the homestead farm, seeing the mural in the city auditorium, etc.   Of course we had just had about 5 inches of rain and the area looked fabulous and everyone was very impressed with North Dakota.  Let us never forget our ancestors and how they settled in this area and then the families spread to all parts of the US.

Last week our OLD RED TRAIL Committee met in Hebron at the Boy Scout Cabin in the park.  I just love this cabin - - - - and we had a potluck.  It was so cozy and comfortable.  Thanks to Hebron for making this available.

Do watch your local newspapers, posters, and our OLD RED TRAIL website:   oldredoldten.com for more happenings along the Trail.  Until next time, Be Well, Do Good Works, and see you on the OLD RED TRAIL.

Delores Klusmann