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Rummage Sale and ORT History


I’m writing this article on Memorial Day.  I want to thank and recognize all men and women who are serving and have served in the Military.  We honor the veterans and those who gave their lives for their nation.  In war or in peace, they all have sacrificed a part of their lives in service of their country.  Thank you for serving!!!

We are only days away from the 6th Annual OLD RED TRAIL Rummage Sale.  I do hope that everyone is ready to take to the road and fine those special gems.  Maps of the towns showing the locations of the rummage sales will be available at the area gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and at the sale sites.  Red balloons will tell you that you are at the sale site.  There will be various rummage sale sites that will be offering food.  Check out the maps to find those locations.

                                                                The Tale of Old Red and Old Ten

In earlier times, people traveled east and west by foot, horse, and wagon along a southern route through North Dakota.  Known in the later 1800’s at the Ft Keogh Trail, soldiers, pony express riders, and early settlers created ruts that zig-zagged through a land sprinkled with buttes, rivers and ravines.  In 1914 the Red Trail (or the Red Line Trail) was established as a national road extending from Seattle to New York City.  This trail was also known as the Red Trail National Parks Highway and in 1923 became ND State Highway 3.  Two years later ND State Highway 3 was joined with US Highway 10 from Seattle to Ludington, MI.  Present day I-94 completed in 1977, runs parallel to this route but its forerunner, the Old Red Trail that became old US Highway 10 will lend travelers the lure of history and American rural life.    Support the revitalization of the OLD RED TRAIL/OLD HIGHWAY 10.  www.oldredtrail.org.

Along with the rummage sales, don’t forget to watch for the Talking Trail signs, all the Scenic Byway signs, the absolutely beautiful countryside and take advantage of seeing the wonderful communities along the OLD RED TRAIL.  See you on Super Saturday, June 3.

Until next time, Be Well, Do Good Works, and see you on the OLD RED TRAIL.