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Old Red Trail Rummage Sale


Happy May Day!!!!  I’m writing this on May Day but it will be past when you are reading this article.  However, I hope you got some wild flowers in a May Day basket.  I remember as a child in country school that we always made May Day baskets and the baskets had blue bells and crocuses in them - - - first flowers of spring.

I have just returned from a driving trip to Oregon.  I drove the northern route on my way out and the southern route on my trip home again.  It was a great trip and always good to see relatives and friends and to see the green grass and the nurseries.  Men were working in the orchards and stringing lines for the hops.   And I drove parts of three Scenic Byways.  (Oregon has 16 Scenic Byways.)  Journey Through Time Scenic Byway is a winding road through painted hills, ghost towns, logging operations, and rivers.  The road tours through Oregon history - - - both natural and human.  I always enjoy the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway as it runs the length of US 101 in Oregon.  The beauty of the ocean and rocks is mesmerizing.   Santiam Pass is another Scenic Byway that crosses over the Cascade Mountains.  There was still snow on the mountains and along the road.

However, I think our OLD RED TRAIL Scenic Byway has just as much beauty and diversity as any of the Oregon Byways.  No matter where we go and what we do, we must look for the unique, the beautiful, the unusual and the impressionable sites.

It was wonderful to come back home and to see all the green grass, farmers working in the fields, and flowers bursting forth.

And, it is about five weeks until the 6th Annual OLD RED TRAIL Rummage Sale.  I do hope that many of you are planning a sale and getting your treasures ready to put out for the buyers.  The following are names and phone numbers in the various towns so that you can register your sale:  Glen Ullin – Laura Lea 348-9090: Hebron – Robin Reynolds 878-4060 or Krystle 690-9092:  Richardton – Sister Phoebe   974-2121:  Taylor – Robin at Taylor Nursery:  Gladstone – Haylee Wax  290-5897: New Salem – Pick up registration forms at Security First Bank or Capital Credit Union or call Delores Klusmann 843-8676.   In Mandan, register to bring your rummage sale items to the Mandan Heritage Plaza and contact Sue Hoffman 751-0568.  Or host your own rummage sale at home.  Get your red balloons at the Mandan Heritage Plaza. In Dickinson, contact Linda Krank 701-483-8251.

Remember:  Get your treasures ready and shoppers be ready to go shopping on June 3 - - - - 6th Annual OLD RED TRAIL Rummage Sale form Mandan to Dickinson.

Until next time, Be Well, Do Good Works, and see you on the OLD RED TRAIL.